Sylvia's Plant Place grows and sells fresh and dried flowers. We grow over 2 acres of cut flowers in our flower field and pick, condition, and arrange them at the farm throughout the summer. We custompick and arrange flowers for weddings, other events, and gifts. Our popular Weekly Flower Subscription will be continuing in 2018.  Contact us for more details on this fabulous way to have fresh flowers all summer long!

 CUT FLOWERS and custom orders


Flower Care Tips

Tips to help your fresh flowers stand longer in the vase:                                                                   

1.If possible, bring a bucket with a little water in it to the market or farm to put your flowers in right away.                                                             

2.When you get your flowers home, unwrap them and take the elastic off the stems.                         

3. Prepare a clean vase with warm, unsoftened water (water from your rain barrel is best).      

4.Cut the stems and place them immediately in the vase.                                                                

5.Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. 

6.Replace the water every few days.