Planning your Wedding Flowers with Sylvia's Plant Place

Flowers are such a special and important part of any wedding celebration. We love to help brides and their families realize their wedding dreams!

Since we are a flower farm and use all of our own blooms, our wedding planning process is slightly different than a conventional florist's.  When you contact Sylvia's Plant Place we will ask you some questions to get an idea of what you are looking for. Ideally you would fill out our Questionnaire and send us a few photos of what inspires you. Soon thereafter, we like to set up an in-person consultation. We try not to book more than one or two weddings per day so the dates can fill up quickly.

An initial consultation (usually in the Spring) is a brainstorming session for colour, style, and theme. At this time we decide if we are going to grow any flowers specifically for your wedding. Based on budget, style and theme requirements, a plan and quote is solidified at this stage.

When the week of the wedding arrives, the bride and whoever she wishes to accompany her are invited to visit the farm, stroll through the field, and select her flowers based on what is blooming. Each bride goes home with a test bouquet she has "picked" herself!
Two days prior to the wedding we pick the flowers and condition them.
The day before the wedding we arrange and package the flowers ready for delivery on the night before or the day of the wedding.

Throughout the creative process we try to keep the special themes and tastes of each bride in mind, resulting in gorgeous custom floral creations every time! Using local flowers also means you can incorporate large and unique arrangements into your wedding affordably.

In addition to our wedding packages, we also offer the option to order buckets of flowers to arrange yourself. Help in the form of tutorials and tips is available for this option.